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In terms of our MOI (section 9.5) we are entitled to inform all relevant authorities of the outcome of complaints as it relates to unprofessional conduct.

Section 59 of the Close Corporations Act appoints SAIBA as a controlling body for accounting officers, Regulation 29 of the Companies Regulations appoints SAIBA as a controlling body for Independent Reviewers, and the SAQA Policy document in terms of the NQF Act appoints SAIBA as a controlling body of professional designations.

The SAIBA Code of Conduct requires that all members shall demonstrate professional behaviour and not make themselves liable to professional misconduct.


No. Member Name Member Number Designation Held Revoke Date Remark
1. Bertram Baird SAIBR2288 Business Accountant in Practice (SA) 2020-07-22 Unprofessional Conduct
2. Bakani Ngulani SAIBA4229 Business Accountant in Practice (SA) 2023-05-18 Unprofessional Conduct

Any queries shouls be addressed in writing to saiba@saiba.org.za