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"Access to an expert and a CPD event - All in one"


    Access a technical knowledge base with support provided by an expert presenter. This includes a monthly online webinar covering specific updates, amendments or new developments in tax, accounting, company law, labour law, ethics and assurance standards. This is a monthly subscription based service offered by CIBA Academy.


    An online webinar series for only R200 per month that covers SARS, CIPC, IRBA, IFRS, Professional body guides, Labour law, FIC, and big law updates. Everything you need to know in a short and concise format.

    1. Experts do the monthly research and compile the relevant changes affecting accountants per month.
    2. Summary is presented in a 2-hour webinar bringing you up to speed quickly and empowering you to sell this information to your clients.
    3. The subscription includes:
      • A webinar.
      • A reference guide of all changes to share within the firm.
      • Slide presentation summary of all new amendments.
      • Interactive session with the presenter.
      • Online Q&A with presenter.


    Monthly subscription from R200pm (Value: R300 pm or R 3,600 pa)

    How to access this resource

    Purchase the subscription service from CIBA Academy by clicking here


    We pay more than R100 000 per month to an expert to study and summarise all the latests laws, regulations and practice notes that affect you and your clients.

    You can pay R100 000 yourself or pay us R200 pm and get the summaries.

    In addition, monthly about 23 laws, regulations, and practice notes get issued or amended. That is 23 opportunities to issue newsletters to your clients informing them about these changes, and how you can help them stay compliant.

    We estimate that by doing our R200 pm QuickUpdate you can potentically charge R23 000 pm just in compliance checks performed for clients.

    Additional resources

    CIBA has provided a number of guides, videos and PowerPoint slides that will assist accountants with understanding their responsibilities in terms the various types of engagements: