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"Networking groups for practice and moral support"


    CIBA Members can join CIBA’s regional membership WhatsApp groups. These are unpaid volunteer groups that are always on hand to act as a listening ear and offer free non-judgmental assistance whenever you need it. Individual firms of similar size meeting on a regular basis to share ideas and discuss timely tax, management, and business topics. Members of networking groups can become a resource for technical issues.


    All engagements in the groups are conducted in line with the following:

    1. An informal WhatsApp group for CIBA members in a specific region. Used to ask and share practice related issues, problems, tips, and solutions.
    2. No negative jokes, memes or other disparaging political or religious references.
    3. Strictly to connect members and allow business discourse.
    4. Use it sparingly and don't annoy or irritate other users.
    5. Its not for sharing personal information or news.
    6. Don’t post information if it was already loaded by someone else and keep questions / answers short and concise.


    A free reward to CIBA designation holders at no additional cost. (Value: R 5 000 pa)

    How to access this service

    CIBA members can log into their membership profiles from within www.saiba.org.za and then navigate to WhatsApp

    These are the regions for CIBA WhatsApp groups. If you would like to join a regional group or create a new group please contact CIBA at 012 643 1800

    • CIBA Bloemfontein
    • CIBA Eastern Cape
    • CIBA East Rand
    • CIBA Fourways
    • CIBA Free State
    • CIBA Garden Route
    • CIBA Jakaranda
    • CIBA Kwazulu Natal
    • CIBA Limpopo
    • CIBA Northern Cape
    • CIBA North-West
    • CIBA Pretoria CBD
    • CIBA Pretoria North
    • CIBA Western Cape
    • CIBA West Rand
    • CIBA Witbank

    Additional resources

    CIBA has provided a number of guides, videos and PowerPoint slides that will assist accountants with understanding their responsibilities in terms the various types of engagements: